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New Rules for Painting

Dan Talbot and Elliott Hundley

September 10 - October 8, 2022

Where the Hours Go

Gabriel Cohen, Margarethe Drexel and Kyle Jorgensen

July 23 - August 27, 2022

T Time

Manyu Gao

May 14 - July 1, 2022

Air Kiss

a group exhibition loosely concerned with the concept of floating, featuring works from Alexa Almany, Kevin Bouton-Scott, Jane Dashley, Julia Dzwonkoski, David Johnson, Alex Lemke, Olivia Mole, Sean T. Randolph, Li Zeng, and Marcus Zúñiga. 

January 22 - March 5, 2022

Frieze Los Angeles Focus Section

Dirk Knibbe and Gabriel Madan

February 17-20, 2022

Other Animals

screening and publication organized by Ren Ebel with editorial support from Juliana Halpert

January 8, 2022

Dogs Who Are Poets and Movie Stars

Gabriel Madan solo exhibition

October 16 - December 12, 2021

The Ansonia Survey Part II

curated by Peter Tomka featuring works from Cara Chan, Maxfield Hegedus, Nick Malkin, Vicente Ruiz-Abogado, and Audra Wist

August 28 - October 10, 2021


iterative collaboration Nazari Knibbe

April 1 - August 2021